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Continuing Scarlett's Escape... - Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC Alternative
You want to know what it tastes like...

Captian: potc_altdmc (posted by tortugan_beauty)
Date: 2006-10-18 16:49
Map Name: Continuing Scarlett's Escape...
Security: Public
Location:The Ocean

Scarlett noticed a huge ship at the dock called The Voyager. She noticed that the cargo hold's door was open. Scarlett smiled and ran a bit.
The red head checked to make sure no sailors where near her. That would cause her a bit of trouble, but as far as she could see, none where in the area. Scarlett double checked again around her. Why would anyone leave a ship abandoned with it's cargo hold open like that? They were probably up on deck.
Scarlett climbed into the cargo hold and hid behind a few crates. Withen minutes the cargo hold's door was closed. Scarlett sighed, glad nobody had checked for any stowaways, and didn't notice there was a staircase that led down from the deck to the cargo hold. But what Scarlett didn't think about, was how she would get off.
Not really caring, Scarlett drifted off to sleep.

For the next two days all Scarlett had done really was try to prye open some crates and see what inside them and sleep. She'd found a crate of rum and bread, a crate of clothing, and another one with something she wasn't sure of. Her hands were aching with pain and splinters from trying to open them. Scarlett wasn't a muscular woman.
There was only a little light at day, but just enough to see. It shone through some of the wall boards and a hole in the ship that Scarlett could squeeze her hand through.

On the third day, Scarlett was looking through the little hole, and saw what looked like an isle. It was night, so not many people were up on deck probably, and oddly, the ship was anchored.
The red head couldn't help it. She was some-what drawn to the isle. But how would she get into one of the escape boats without anyone noticing or get up there? Searching for something she could use (but it was difficult since she had barly any light), Scarlett bumped into the staircase.
"What was that?" she said outloud. She noticed it was a small staircase. Climbing up into the hole she finally arrived at the deck.
She pushed open the little door on the ceiling to get out. It made a creeeek but apparently nobody heard it. Scarlett double checked for anybody before she went on the deck. She climbed out, surprised not to see anybody jump out at her.
Scarlett felt water splashing on her head. It was raining, that's why nobody was up there. Wandering around for a few minutes the redhead finally found the escape row boat.
"Let's see 'ere... ye put one of the paddles in that silver thingy, and the other paddle in the other silver dingy!" Scarlett said, noticing two oars in the boat, with two oar holders in the side.

She had finally managed to push the boat over the side of the ship and get in, her paddles ready. She was now trying to work on getting the boat into the water.
After about thirty minutes, the rain had stopped, and the rope snapped.
Scarlett screamed as the boat plungded into the water. Relieved it didn't sink, Scarlett took one oar and put it in the oar holder and did the same for the other one and started to row. It was a lot harder than she expected, but she made her way into the tropical isle and rowed her way towards the hut deepest in there, for same strange reason attracted to it.
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